Medicine and health


  • Development and creation of a new generation radiotherapy apparatus for brachytherapy

Brachytherapy is a type of radiotherapy when a radiation source is injected into the affected organ. The advantage of the method lies in the possibility of bringing the maximum doses of radiation therapy directly to the tumor focus while minimizing the impact on critical organs and adjacent tissues. The current devices used in radiotherapy either have significant limitations on the intensity of radiation, which leads to insufficient treatment of the disease, or they cannot act locally, affecting healthy cells of the body. The large diameter of the X-ray tubes produced significantly limits the therapeutic possibilities, and the low resource of the thermal cathode allows using the source for only one operation, which makes the technology very expensive. The most modern miniature X-ray microtubules produced by American companies cannot be less than 6 mm in diameter, because they require the presence of a cooling capsule.

Scientists of JSC “SPE “Radiy” have developed a number of technical solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, a prototype of an X-ray therapy device for brachytherapy has been created. 

JSC “SPE “Radiy” has created tubes with a diameter of less than 6 mm based on cold cathodes, which is a world record for medical use tubes. They made it possible to create a prototype of a stand of an X-ray therapy device for brachytherapy.

  • Development of biocompatible materials and implants based on them for reconstructive and plastic surgery

The most promising direction in modern healthcare is regenerative or regenerative medicine, based on the use of functional implants based on modern biocompatible and nature—like materials. JSC “SPE “Radiy” is actively accumulating research experience in this field, scientific work is being carried out in the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery together with medical units of  KBSU, MIET and RAS of the Russian Federation. Up-to-date information on the research results will be highlighted as they progress. 

  • Antiseptic preparations based on laurel extract and other essential oils

Currently, many studies are focused on the study of phytopreparations that combine antimicrobial properties with anti-inflammatory and regenerating effects. There is no doubt about the importance and relevance of using essential oils as new chemical compounds that have antimicrobial properties and on the basis of which medicinal and antiseptic preparations can be created. The scientific staff of JSC “SPE “Radiy” develops antiseptic formulations based on various phytoextracts and essential oils.

At the moment, JSC “SPE “Radiy” is conducting research on an antiseptic, which includes an extract of a Noble laurel leaf grown in an ecologically clean area and obtained without the use of chemical components. 

The scientists of the enterprise are conducting scientific work on further research of the unique properties of extracts of medicinal plants and essential oils in order to create effective phytopreparations.

  • Artificial therapeutic mud and concentrate for mud baths using the organomineral complex ACM, natural polymerals and essential oils

JSC “SPE “Radiy” has accumulated some research experience in the field of the use of natural polymineral serpentinite. In particular, the already well-known ACM composite has been successfully tested as a concentrate for the preparation of mud baths and artificial therapeutic mud. This technology can be used in the pharmaceutical industry, balneology and medicine. The developed technology made it possible to obtain a dry composite concentrate for the preparation of therapeutic mud baths and artificial therapeutic mud intended for use in the field of balneology and peloidotherapy both in inpatient treatment and in outpatient and home physiotherapy procedures. The proposed concentrate contains crushed natural mineral. Its peculiarity is that as a specified mineral it contains ground serpentinite. In addition, it contains ground brown coal and natural clay, as well as bay oil in certain proportions. The achieved result of this invention is to provide an expanded range of therapeutic effects and a range of diseases, in the treatment of which it is possible to use therapeutic mud baths and artificial therapeutic mud prepared from the proposed product. 

  • Technology for the production of magnesium citrate and serpentinite derivatives based on it

The modern lifestyle of a person includes, as a rule, high levels of stress, an irrational diet or a diet with the presence of artificial foods in most people, which leads to the problem of chronic magnesium deficiency. Due to the fact that pharmacological studies of inorganic forms of magnesium have proven low bioavailability and the presence of side effects, studies of therapeutic applications of organic forms of magnesium are becoming more relevant at the moment. Magnesium citrate is one of the organic salts, an easily accessible source of magnesium with a high level of digestibility, used in most well–known and modern magnesium-containing preparations.  Magnesium citrate has a wide range of pharmacological effects: it is used as an antispasmodic, relieves gastrointestinal spasms, facilitates bile secretion, and is used in gastroenterology. 

Scientists of JSC “SPE “Radiy” have developed a unique technology for obtaining magnesium citrate and derivatives based on it from natural magnesium–containing raw materials – serpentinite. The developed technology can be very useful for the production of medicines, food additives, injection solutions and beverages. The method for obtaining magnesium citrate includes the treatment of natural serpentinite purified from iron with a solution of citric acid and at a certain temperature. With this method, the production of magnesium citrate is achieved mainly or completely using magnesium-containing serpentinite with the extraction as a second product of a liquid concentrate of a mixture of magnesium and calcium citrates, which can be used for the preparation of table or therapeutic table drinks, as well as magnesium-depleted serpentinite as fertilizer and ameliorant or additives to fertilizers. Thus, the innovative technology ensures waste-free processing of serpentinite, reduces the burden on the environment and has a beneficial effect on the ecological situation.