About Us

A Joint Stock Company “Scientific and Production Enterprise “Radiy” (JSC “SPE “Radiy”), formerly known as the Moscow Plant “Era” was established in 1959 for experimental and serial production of vacuum products for special purposes in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR.

In 1994, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company with the preservation of its main profile and experience — in the production of electro-vacuum devices for radars and retained the location of the property complex in the north of Moscow. The shareholders of JSC “SPE “Radiy” are former and current employees of the organization. In 1996, Magomet Konov was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, who is CEO (President) of JSC “SPE “Radiy”. The company has almost half a century of experience in the development and production of electronic component base and radio electronic devices and systems based on them, and currently produces microwave units and modules for various purposes, microwave multichannel receivers of onboard radar systems, carries out repairs and post-warranty maintenance of products.

Having the necessary scientific and production base, JSC “SPE “Radiy” is successfully implementing a production diversification program aimed at creating new technologies in the following areas:

— modern microelectronics

— safe environmental management and production of organic agricultural products

— preparation, storage and transportation of drinking water

— medicine and health

The availability of a modern scientific and production base allows not only to carry out their own developments, but also to minimize the timing of their introduction to the market.


Creation, development and implementation of high-tech technologies that contribute to the development of various spheres of the national economy. Priority areas are the production of environmentally friendly agricultural products, medicine, and the production of modern electronic components.


Access to leading positions in both domestic and foreign markets in the areas of development of environmentally friendly agricultural production, medicine and modern electronic component base.

JSC “SPE “Radiy” is included by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in the special register of the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation, which guarantees the provision by the state of preferential conditions for investment and sale of high-tech civilian products.

Despite significant political and economic changes, the task of increasing the production of innovative civilian products by defense industry enterprises, set by the Supreme Commander — President of Russia Vladimir Putin, is under active implementation. The diversification program remains one of the most relevant for the Russian defense industry.

Based on the above tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation to the defense industry, JSC “SPE “Radiy” had developed a fundamentally new waste-free, environmentally friendly technology – ACM (anionite-cationite-meliorant). ACM  is an artificial chernozem and can be used to restore the fertility of depleted lands. The use of ACM allows to increase the yield of agricultural crops several times. The novelty, high efficiency and great potential of using ACM are confirmed by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The approximate areas for the use of ACM in Russia amount to more than 45 million hectares of acidic soils, the restoration and transformation of which into environmentally friendly chernozem will give a social effect comparable to the raising of virgin soil in the Soviet Union.

The concept of JSC “SPE “Radiy” is based on the natural cultivation of environmentally friendly agricultural products with predetermined micronutrient parameters for their further use in the production of exceptionally balanced and healthy functional food products. The main results have been achieved in the following areas: 

— development of unique organomineral complexes based on the innovative ACM composition, the use of which for the restoration of degraded agricultural land, fertilizing and processing crops will allow you to manage the recipe for obtaining mass-consumption food

— development of functional and specialized food products, including those enriched with pre-defined micronutrients

The company’s specialists are actively working on the development of a number of other projects that contribute to the solution of import substitution issues with the support of the state as part of the diversification of production. One of the mechanisms of state participation in the implementation of investment projects is public-private partnership, which creates conditions for attracting additional financial resources for the implementation of projects of social and economic importance.