“SPE “Radiy” successfully implements a product diversification program

In accordance with the list of instructions by the President of the Russian Federation on the diversification of the military industrial complex, the JSC SPE Radiy is actively implementing a development strategy. The main objectives are the development and implementation of specific high-tech and innovative solutions related to the production of civil and dual-use products.

Having the necessary scientific and production base the JSC SPE Radiy is successfully implementing a production diversification program aimed at creating new technologies in such promising areas as modern microelectronics, safe environmental management and production of organic agricultural products, preparation, storage and transportation of drinking water, medicine and health.

The JSC SPE Radiy undertakes efforts in increasing the production capacity of civilian products to solve the tasks set by the state to achieve the economic and technological sovereignty of the country.  Moreover, most of the developed products and solutions have export potential and opportunities to take leading positions both in domestic and foreign markets.